Glass Shower Doors Improve The Look Of Your Overall Bathroom.
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Update your home with glass shower doors

glass shower doors

Update your home with glass shower doors

Glass shower doors can be a great addition for homeowners that are looking to transform their bathrooms into luxurious, relaxing retreats that feature the looks and amenities of an upscale spa. Your shower is like your own personal oasis. It’s a refreshing escape after a long, hard workout and it’s a relaxing wake-up call first thing in the morning.

Glass shower doors are one way to upgrade the appearance of a bath and to lessen the burden of maintaining it. Shower curtains are a thing of the past. They are floppy, clumsy, and hard to keep clean. However, a glass shower door eliminates cool, breezy drafts that are common with shower curtains.

All glass shower doors give the illusion of a larger space. Frameless shower doors allow more light in the shower. You can also showcase pretty shower tile. A modern glass shower door can increase the value of your home. 

Benefits of adding glass shower doors

Modern bathrooms shower doors

Variety of sizes and styles. Glass shower doors come in all sizes to fit any space. There are numerous style choices including the texture, color, and shape. 

Cost effective. It may seem like glass shower doors would be too expensive, but there are many options offered at competitive pricing. On the low end, a glass shower door can be priced anywhere from $500-$1,000, with an average price around $1,200-$1,800. Larger or shower doors with upgraded handles and bars can be over $3,000. Still a more reasonable cost than giving your master bath a complete over haul. 

Shower door sizes and styles

Brighter and more open space. The feel of your bathroom after installing a glass shower door is one of the best aspects. The doors can brighten the entire place, allowing more light and a feeling of openness.

Modern look. Having glass shower doors means having a bathroom with a modern look. Suddenly you have a shower that matches with the time and keeps your home more up-to-date and trendy.


Keeping your bathroom modern increases the value of your home. The installation of glass shower doors means enhancing the functional elements of your house, which looks excellent in terms of resale value. 

According to, bathroom improvements don’t have to be costly to add value to a home. Things as simple as replacing a shower door can freshen up the room and add instant appeal. Bathroom renovations can potentially add 80 to 115 percent of their costs to the home’s value.

Easy to maintain shower doors

Easy-to-clean. Compared to other types of showers, glass doors are easy to maintain. They are very durable, and you can use a squeegee weekly to remove water spots and other buildup.

No splashing water. With proper installation glass doors shouldn’t leak or have excessive water getting outside of the shower area.


If you want to improve on style by celebrating a brighter and more open space, glass shower doors come with an assortment of benefits and features. Great options are available on shower doors. Although, there are some features you should consider carefully before you purchase.

Frame or no frame glass shower doors

Glass shower doors add appeal

Framed doors have glass panels completely framed in on all sides. These framed pieces of glass slide on a metal channel and are supported by metal framing on the sides and top. The glass on these doors tends to be thinner, giving them a less substantial feel. However, they are good products and can last a decade or more.

Semi-framed doors have glass panels that do not have framing on one or more sides. These doors will usually still have metal framing and metal channels in which the glass doors slide, but will vary greatly in how much framing they use. The glass in these doors will still be relatively thin, but the cost will be much higher than a framed door.

Frameless shower doors have very thick glass. They can be customized to nearly any size space. This type of shower door will not have metal between the doors. Instead of metal channels and framing, the shower doors are secured with metal clamps and hinges. The sliding door models will still need some kind of metal channel to secure the doors. However, this is moved to the top in some styles. 

black and white tile shower

Frameless shower doors are gaining popularity and are a great place to start when upgrading. The enclosures look elegant, but one of their most redeeming qualities is durability. Perhaps the greatest selling point of these doors isn’t their appearance, but their lack of one.

In the never-ending battle to make bathrooms feel larger and more open, a shower door that is hardly noticeable at all makes a huge difference. Instead of a door that walls off a significant portion of your bathroom, a frameless shower door helps to incorporate your shower space into the greater bathroom area. 

Frameless shower enclosures are a great way to let your home age with you because the entry can be leveled with the floor to create easy access as we become older and less mobile. Frameless glass shower enclosures are a great way to meld timeless style with ageless accommodation.

Pattern options for glass shower doors

Clear glass is a popular and updated choice. It provides a modern, high-end look to your bathroom. Visually, a clear sliding glass shower doors will expand a small bathroom space, making it appear larger. The interior of your shower will also be brighter, which is a big advantage if you do not have much available light in the bath area. One disadvantage is privacy. If you share a bathroom, this may not be ideal. Clear glass also needs to be cleaned more often because water spots are more visible.

Frosted glass appears to have a kind of white finish, but is not totally opaque. It is an effect achieved by either etching or sanding a piece of clear glass. The effect can partially block the view of the shower area, offering a degree of privacy. It comes in several patterns with varying levels of cloudy effect. Sometimes shapes and colors are visible through frosted glass. 

Walk In Shower Door

Textured glass is a piece of glass that has been given a textured imprint. One of the most popular styles of textured glass for sliding shower doors is rain glass. Rain glass has a design that looks like rain is coming down on the glass. It is one of the most difficult textured glass patterns to see through because of the way the glass refracts light. It allows light to penetrate, but is very difficult to make out figures behind the glass — providing an ideal amount of privacy for a shower.

Tinted glass has a touch of color to it. Popular choices for home shower products include copper and gray tones. These will diffuse the light, making it dark in your shower area. They provide a very modern look and are a good way to add privacy.

Handles and hardware for glass shower doors

glass shower door handle

From simple to modern handles, shower door pulls and glass handles are designed to fit any length and size shower. Whether the shower is clear, tinted or frosted glass, the proper shower door handle can often be the missing link to a finished shower. Depending on the style of shower, there are different kinds of handles, from practical plastic attachments to artistic ones that feature knobs painted with intricate designs.

 Shower door handles come in different materials. For example, brass, aluminum and anodized are available. If possible, choose brass hardware for their durability. Frameless shower glass doors are quite heavy, sometimes weighing up to 200 lbs.


The hardware used must be able to bear all that weight safely and ensure structural integrity. Brass is much better at this than aluminum and many other materials you encounter. You can then choose to have the brass components coated in a finishing of your liking. Common finishes include chrome, oil rubbed bronze and brushed nickel.

chrome shower door handles

Furthermore, whether you are doing a total renovation of your bathroom or just need a fresh and simple new look, glass shower doors are a great feature to upgrade in your home. They give a personal touch and create an elegant and luxurious feel with many other added benefits.

Want to learn more about glass shower doors, contact Gemini Blinds for a free design consultation. Gemini Blinds professionally measures and installs all types of frameless glass shower doors in Westchester County and New York City.

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