Custom Outdoor Awnings Improve Everyday Living And Add Value
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Top 5 Reasons Custom Outdoor Awnings Enhance Everyday Living


Top 5 Reasons Custom Outdoor Awnings Enhance Everyday Living

Custom outdoor awnings are a practical solution for providing shade. During summer heatwaves finding shade is at a premium. Shade under a tree in Central Park is certainly at a premium. However, you can have shade in your own Westchester backyard or NYC terrace with outdoor awnings.

Gemini Blinds shares the top 5 reasons outdoor awnings improve outdoor living.

1. Control Temperatures – Certain awning fabrics can help control outdoor temperature in summer.  Stay cool with fabrics made to cool down the hot sun. Sunshade awning fabrics are durable and provide instant shade on patios, decks, terraces, and more.

Sunbrella Outdoor Living Fabrics

2. Reduce Glare – There is nothing worse than sitting outside in the summer heat squinting the entire time. Especially, when you forget your sunglasses. Outdoor awnings reduce glare instantly whether you have your sunglasses or not. Sitting under a retractable awning makes summer more enjoyable. Motorize or automate a retractable outdoor awning for instant comfort.

No Squinting with Custom Outdoor Awnings

3. Increase Design Style – There are many European-inspired awning fabrics to choose from. Stripes, solid colors, and more bold designs are available at Gemini Blinds. Awning designs can blend in with a home facade or commercial business. Sunshade awnings can also stand out to create contrast in outdoor spaces. Gemini Blinds can help you select the perfect fabric for your home or commercial awning just as the team does with indoor solar screen shades. Select from top quality, durable Sunbrella awnings fabrics.


4. Improve Outdoor Entertaining – Easily enjoy entertaining with family and friends rain or shine. Motorized retractable awnings give you the ability to be protected from outdoor elements quickly. Automated awnings come in handy during rainstorms. Custom outdoor awnings make backyard entertaining more enjoyable for planned events. Never worry about the rain for graduation, birthday, engagement, or anniversary parties.

Awnings Block Harmful Rays

5. Provide UV Protection – Eclipse retractable awnings provide UV protection against harmful sun rays. Stay comfortable under an outdoor awning to avoid prolonged UV exposure. Get a break from the heat during summer.

Gemini Blinds provides a free design consultation for custom outdoor awnings and indoor shades. Schedule an appointment at Gemini Blinds to discuss awnings, roller shades or sunscreen shades. Improve your indoor and outdoor living experience today. Call 914-698-8011.

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