6 Reasons to Buy Outdoor Retractable Awnings Before Spring
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6 Reasons to Buy Outdoor Retractable Awnings Before Spring

Outdoor retractable awnings provides shade in your yard, deck or terrace

6 Reasons to Buy Outdoor Retractable Awnings Before Spring

Outdoor retractable awnings help control intense sun exposure and heat. Spring will be here before we know it. You can start the process of getting your awning now so you can enjoy it all through spring and summer. More than just a shading device, there are many benefits to retractable awnings and outdoor awnings.

1. The Health Benefits of Outdoor Retractable Awnings

Great summers are made up of having friends and family over to grill and relax. Having guests retreat to the air-conditioned indoors breaks up the party. Outdoor retractable awnings can provide shade and make it cooler for up to a full 20 degrees. This not only makes everyone more comfortable but also helps to protect you and your loved ones from overheating or possible heat stroke.

Outdoor retractable awnings that compliment your outdoor exterior

Eclipse Awnings will reduce sun glare by 94% and harmful UV rays by 98%. It can be hard to stay vigilant when it comes to applying sunscreen repeatedly on children. Eclipse outdoor awnings provide sunshade for children, guests and you. There is enough to think about when hosting a party with family and friends. Awnings provide a protective barrier from the sun’s damage for everyone, including your pets.

2. Outdoor Retractable Awnings Protect Your Home

The additional shading that outdoor awnings provide will protect your home interior from UV rays. The sun can wreak havoc on upholstery, art and hardwood floors. Which means that not only are your loved ones protected but so is the longevity of your outside and inside furnishings.

Outdoor retractable awnings provide UV protection

3. How Outdoor Retractable Awnings Help Reduce Energy Bills

Outdoor retractable awnings supply shading to your windows and house, helping to reduce your need for air conditioning. Powerful solar heating greatly contributes to your energy costs. Your air-conditioning won’t battle the direct glare of the sun so it won’t have to work as hard to keep your inside temperature comfortable.

4. Outdoor Retractable Awnings Increase Your Living Space

There is something wonderful about the ambiance of relaxing outside. Since outdoor awnings provide your deck or patio with ample shading, you have increased your living space. Enjoy your new living area with a chilled drink at the end of a hot summer’s day, play games outdoors and host dinner parties. There is a reason that restaurants with outdoor seating areas are so busy in the summer. Everyone enjoys the vibrant days and warmer temperatures with the benefit of enjoying it from the safety of a shaded area.

Outdoor retractable awnings to suit any home or business exterior

5. Add Beautiful Design to Your Yard with Outdoor Awnings

Choose from over 150 fabrics that range from striking solids and stunning stripes in a variety of beautiful textures. Eclipse Awnings are crafted from Sunbrella fabrics guaranteed not to rot, mildew or fade for up to 10 years. Many people hire designers and landscapers in spring and summer. It’s a great time of year to begin design plans for an exquisite backyard and outdoor living area. Outdoor awnings and retractable awnings are highly recommended to improve aesthetics as well. Eclipse outdoor awnings are available in vibrant shade colors and beautiful textures.

6. Get Your Outdoor Awnings Now for When the Spring Arrives

Speak to a local outdoor awnings specialist now to take full advantage of spring and summer. Waiting until spring arrives and then starting to shop around later may mean you’ll miss out on more outdoor fun. Your party can still go on when the April showers arrive if you have your awning installed early this year. Eclipse Awnings are specifically coated in acrylic fabric and installed by specialists that will calculate the correct pitch so that you can stay outside and stay dry.

Outdoor retractable awnings that keep your house cool in summer

A Little About Eclipse Outdoor Retractable Awnings

Gemini Blinds specializes in outdoor awnings and offers both Eclipse Awnings and Markilux Awnings. Eclipse Awnings can be flat mounted or pitched, depending on your available space and needs. You can add even more solar protection. Eclipse has a drop shade and a unique flair with soft glow lighting.
Motorized outdoor awnings are a desired outdoor living accessory.

When you purchase an outdoor awning, you will never have to worry about spring showers when entertaining company. Minimize your worry around graduation time, summer parties and outdoor events. Control your awning with an app on your phone or tablet. For added safety, the accelerometer sensor can automatically retract the awning if it gets too windy. Set your awning to extend once the pre-set sun level is attained, and to withdraw once the sun sets. Keep your home energy efficient even when you are away.

Gemini Blinds installs outdoor awnings for residential and commercial businesses in addition to being an expert with Hunter Douglas window shadings. Contact Gemini Blinds for your outdoor awning and indoor shadings needs. Schedule a free design consultation. Serving Larchmont, Mamaroneck, Rye, Scarsdale, Harrison, Armonk, Manhattan, Greenwich, Stamford, and New York City for over 30 years.

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