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Different Types of Venetian Blinds

Hunter Douglas Parkland Venetian Wood Blinds

Different Types of Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds have evolved since their rudimentary predecessors. There are now so many different types of venetian blinds available.  Before we delve into what variety is available today, it’s important to know the origin of these iconic blinds.

The History of Venetian Blinds

Originating in Persia, wood-slatted blinds were designed to direct airflow and reduce the intensity of the sun’s heat and light. Venetian traders brought the primitive version of these window shadings over to Venice, Rome, and Paris. The designs were then transformed with beautiful tapes and different stains of hardwood to beautify the blinds.

John Webster introduced venetian blinds in the United States. They were adapted and installed in public offices and government buildings. Although the originals were wood blinds, they are now available in several different materials for residential and commercial use.

Wooden Venetian Blinds

Hunter Douglas Parkland® Wood Blinds are the most popular venetian blinds. The horizontal slats come in three sizes and a large variety of paint colors and stains. The beauty and timelessness of the hardwood complement the lines in any room.

To complete the finish of your window fashion, consider a Parkland® wood cornice. Wonderfully crafted in 100% domestic wood, Hunter Douglas wood cornices feature beautiful details. They are sure to draw the eye up. Consider pairing your venetian wood blinds with flowing drapery or sheers to soften the appearance.

Fabric Venetian Blinds

Instead of opting for the flat finish of vinyl venetian blinds, consider the textured beauty of fabric vertical blinds. Hunter Douglas Cadence® Soft Vertical Blinds feature curved vanes that mimic soft drapery folds. The curvature of the vanes helps with sound absorption and lends an elegant style to your décor. These blinds are popular in offices and high-rise nyc apartments with spectacular views. Vertical blinds can be drawn to the side for a maximum view through.

Custom Vertical Venetian Blinds

You can also use custom vertical venetian blinds in offices to divide space. Many people use vertical blinds on tall window expanses in the home. Hunter Douglas Somner® Customer Vertical Blinds provide smooth and precise light control in any room setting. Choose from vinyl, fabric and aluminum styles in different colors, patterns, and textures.

The Alternative to Wooden Blinds

Although hardwood is beautiful, it can warp and fade in humid temperatures. Hunter Douglas Everwood® Alternative Wood Blinds have a realistic TruGrain® finish and a large array of colors. Faux wood blinds are perfect for rooms with full sun exposure or high humidity. Choose a blind with a classic look that won’t age. Hunter Douglas faux wood blinds are guaranteed never to fade, yellow, warp or bow. Alternative wood blinds are very durable and give the appearance of real wood.

Metal Venetian Blinds

Hunter Douglas Modern Precious Metals® Aluminum Blinds, also known as mini venetian blinds, have a clean and modern design. The horizontal slats offer maximum light control and an uncluttered look. Gemini Blinds showcases metallic, pearlescent and matte finishes in their Mamaroneck, New York showroom.

Since there are now so many different types of horizontal and vertical blinds and window shades, Gemini Venetian Blinds dropped the ‘venetian’ from their name a few years ago. The new business name Gemini Blinds is more inclusive of all window blinds. Whatever type of venetian blinds you are looking for, contact Gemini Blinds for a free Hunter Douglas window treatment consultation.

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