Motorized Shades for Modern and Everyday Living
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Motorized Shades for Modern and Everyday Living

automated shades

Motorized Shades for Modern and Everyday Living

Motorized shades are not just for modern living but everyday living. Hunter Douglas motorized shades are ideal for spaces with large windows. Maybe you have lots of windows in your home or office. Some homeowners have windows positioned over furniture which makes operating window treatments a challenge. Motorized shades are a practical window covering solution in many situations.

Whether you enjoy modern living and smart home technology or just simply want to operate a skylight window easily, motorized shades come in handy for everyday living. Hunter Douglas PowerView® Motorization makes it easy to raise and lower all the custom shades in your home simultaneously at the touch of a button.

Automated Skylight Shades

Automated shades can be operated from your iPhone, Android, tablet, app, or the Pebble® remote control in a residential or commercial space. If you are comfortable using smart home speaker devices like Amazon Echo (Alexa) or Google Home, you can use a simple voice command to control your motorized shades. You can even program your shades to raise and lower at preset times of the day. Walking around the house to raise all your shades in the morning is a thing of the past with motorized shades. Select a time for your window shades to raise in the morning for optimal views and lower all your blinds at night for privacy.

Simple everyday tasks are simplified with Hunter Douglas automated shades. The technology of automated shades is quite impressive. If you have expansive or hard to reach windows, your shades will automatically raise and lower at the touch of a button. Cordless blinds and shades mean additional child and pet safety eliminating the risk of hazards with strings. You will also have peace of mind any time of day or night. Control your shades whether you are home or on vacation via the PowerView® app.

Automated Shades NYC

Hunter Douglas automated shades are perfect for creating ambiance in an instant. Having a candlelight dinner just as the sunsets?  Just tap a button on a mobile device or have Alexa lower the shades for the perfect room darkening effect. Quickly raise all your window shades at the same time when you want privacy or reduce sun glare at movie time.

The PowerView® Hub and Repeater were designed so well, Hunter Douglas received the Red Dot design award in 2018. The automated shades hub connects to your WIFI network wirelessly. The PowerView® Hub helps to retain your window treatment settings and triggers the scenes you program to move your shades.

The PowerView® Repeater helps to extend the signal range so all your window treatments can move automatically throughout your home. The Repeater works similar to a night light and produces a soft glow when plugged into your desired outlet.

motorized shades
PowerView® Repeater for Automated Shades

Hunter Douglas award-winning motorized shades are on sale this summer at Gemini Blinds. Automate your window shades for modern living at a savings ‘til September 7, 2020! Receive a free demonstration of automated shades and get great rebates starting at $150* on qualifying purchases of Hunter Douglas shades with PowerView® Motorization and the associated hub for a limited time. See how motorized shades can be used to simplify everyday living. Contact Gemini Blinds to learn more.

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