Types of Blinds to Provide Insulation at the Window
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Types of Blinds To Insulate Windows

energy efficient blinds

Types of Blinds To Insulate Windows

Types of blinds that insulate windows are made by Hunter Douglas. Hunter Douglas is located in Denver, Colorado. All different types of blinds are tested in the facility for energy efficiency.  What’s better than window coverings made in the U.S. with energy efficiency? Energy-efficient blinds reduce energy consumption.

Energy efficient blinds and shades are a smart choice. Especially, if more insulation at the window is a goal. Achieve warmth, beauty and comfort in winter. Hunter Douglas shades are stylish, functional, and energy efficient. Many types of blinds improve comfort in winter and summer. Honeycomb, roman, and cellular roller shades are made to keep the warmth in during winter. Additionally, Hunter Douglas custom shades help retain cool temperatures in summer. Lower home energy bills year-round with select window shades.

Duette® Architella® Honeycomb Shades in Elan Fabric

Duette® Honeycomb Shades are one of the best energy efficient blinds. Hunter Douglas named this shade ‘honeycomb’ because of its design. Duette® shades are shaped like a honeycomb to control home and office temperatures. Custom honeycomb shades have many features and benefits.

  1. Reduces energy consumption.
  2. Enhanced lifting systems such as LiteRise® SoftTouch™, or PowerView® Motorization.
  3. Automation for child and pet safety. 

In conclusion, Hunter Douglas window shading systems add overall value to your home.

Types of Blinds with Style, View Throughs & Privacy

Hunter Douglas honeycomb shades are available with double insulation. Ask about Duette® Architella® Shades to lower home energy bills even more. It’s a beautiful blind to achieve style and energy efficiency at the window. Duette® Architella® has stunning fabrics and colors.

Hunter Douglas Duette® Architella Shades

See and touch sample fabrics and all types of window shades on display at Gemini Blinds. One of the best features of Duette® is the top-down, bottom-up system. Place your shades in any position on the window. Enjoy backyard, pool, city, or street views. Have privacy right where you desire it on the window.

Insulate Windows with Roman Shades

Vignette® Modern Roman Shades in Top-Down-Bottom-Up

Roman shades have fabric folds and liners. Add layers at the window with stacking style or rolling style roman shades. The fabrics cascade down a window. These shades also help insulate windows. In addition, custom roman shades have light filtering and room darkening fabrics. The Duolite® feature is available on Hunter Douglas roman and honeycomb shades. Duolite® offers light filtering shades on top of a window and room darkening at the bottom. It’s like having two shades in one. Achieve room darkening or light filtering completely day or night. 

Vignette® Duolite®

Cellular Roller Shades with Modern Fabrics & Features 

Sonnette® Cellular Roller Shades

Sonnette® Cellular Roller Shades have a curved shape to add dimension and energy efficiency. Love the simple look of a roller shade and want the energy efficiency of a cellular shade? The Sonnette® shade is great option. Choose this shade cordless to appreciate its clean lines, form and enhanced functionality. Select semi-sheer or sheer fabrics to control the light perfectly in any space. Roller shades are popular in Westchester and NYC homes to achieve a view through to the outdoors. Above all, room darkening liners are available to achieve the best of both worlds. Light-filtering or room darkening options are achievable in one window shade. 

Room Darkening Hunter Douglas Bedroom Shades

Select Hunter Douglas window shades and blinds are on sale now. The Energy Smart Style Savings Event is going on now ‘til June 20, 2022. Buy 4 Vignette®, Duette® or Sonnette® shades and receive a $100* Rebate PLUS $25.00 each additional unit.

There are many ways to work with Gemini Blinds:

  1. Schedule a free design consultation by phone or video.
  2. Visit the showroom for a complimentary one-on-one design consultation.
  3. Make an appointment for a free in-home appointment.

Call Gemini Blinds to start selecting new shades.

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